Knitting your first pair of socks may sound a bit daunting but it is a fantastic, portable and practical pastime that has kept generations entertained (and warm) for years and once you start you will be knitting them for the entire family in no time! West Yorkshire Spinner’s wonderful (Award Winning!) Signature 4 ply yarn made from 75% wool 25% Nylon is perfect for sock knitting and comes in a variety of plain, varigated and fantastic self striping shades, the new flamingo being my favourite (wouldn’t you know!).  Of course, the best bit about sock knitting is that, apart from creating completely unique socks using different colours and combinations for heel and toe, you can achieve a snug fit by knitting whatever leg length you prefer and your exact foot length without too much pattern alteration - giving you the ‘perfect fit’.  Step into Spring with your very own cool hand made socks. One ball does it and there are free patterns available too!


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